Hiya! LudosGD here!

Our little smiley and blocky friend has to overcome many obstacles to reach the Almighty Golden Smiley Block, and exit this place full of bad blocks, evil enemies and green dots! You'll be proud of yourself at the end of the level, I promise!

  • Test your skills in this little yet challenging platformer level!
  • Avoid the bad blocks and the moving enemies (you'll recognize them as soon as you see them, trust me on this here) and go for the Almighty Golden Smiley Block at the end of the level!
  • No checkpoints here — a single error will make you start over!


  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move;
  • Space, W or the up key to jump;
  • If you hold the S/down key in the air, you'll fall faster; maybe you'll find this useful.
  • ESC to pause the game.

This game was made for My First Game Jam, Summer 2019 edition. It was a really cool experience! Here's the devlog: click!

Now playable on browser!

The game works on Chrome and Firefox, but not on Safari. Please try refresh a couple of times if it doesn't work; comment here or contact me if you have any problem (even about the downloadable files). Have fun!


  • Graphics, Game Design, Development: LudosGD;
  • Music: CodeManu on OpenGameArt.org (Platformer Game Music Pack)
  • Sound Effects: josepharaoh99 and cabled_mess on freesound.org ("Platform Jump" and "Lose_Funny_Retro_Video Game", respectively)
  • Font: codeman38 on fontspace.com (Press Start 2P Font)

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Install instructions

Windows - WARNING: it works only on Windows 10. Open the .zip file and you'll get a folder with both the game and a .pck file. Launch the game only from that folder; the game needs to see the .pck file its same folder in order to work.

Linux - Open the .zip file and you'll get a folder with both the game and a .pck file. Launch the game only from that folder; the game needs to see the .pck file its same folder in order to work.

Mac - Download the .dmg file; open it and drag the game in the Applications folder.


Windows Version.zip 15 MB
Linux Version.zip 17 MB
FirstFewBlocks.dmg 20 MB


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Indeed, I had to download the .exe AND .pck as a windows user -- I just skimmed over the instructions the first time like a goon. :)

The music choice is pretty good. I was absorbed into the game from the title screen music, but on start, the level music was even more engaging. I also appreciate that you put in a sound effect cues for jumping and death.

My little buddy controls pretty well. My only problem seems to be how he slides a bit when he lands, making the single-block jumps rather tricky. This might be common in platformers though? I recall Mario being similar. No traction in that plumber's shoes I guess.

His idle animation is cute. His square head and stem body allow him to sometimes "perch" on the edge of a block instead of falling to his death, which I really appreciate. Overall it's a fun little game, and I find myself having to exercise patience and timing to progress. 

And then I got the golden block!!!!!!!!!! :D Yay!!! It took some doin' but damn I did it. You're right that I was proud at the end of the level -- but rather than being proud of myself, I'm proud of YOU. Thank you for sharing your game with us!

I'm happy you liked it! I know the character slides a bit but I left it that way so it's more difficult. Also, the "perching" is technically a bug but I laughed so hard when I saw it the first time that I didn't correct it!

Thank you for playing the game and for the feedback! It really means a lot to me. Have a magical day!